10 Never seen PHOTOs of outspoken MP Millie Odhiambo Looking Young and Innocent

Millie Odhiambo’s name went viral after she passionately insulted Uhuru Kenyatta during a special session in parliament.

A lot has been said from all corners of the country including reactions from Uhuru and her party leader Raila Odinga.

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Away from that we found these throwback photos of Millie Odhiambo before she gained fame as one of the outspoken female MPs.

Millie when she was admitted to the bar in 1992

Millie has a law degree from the University of Nairobi where she graduated amongst the top 5% in her class

Millie Odhiambo on her graduation

Her middle name is Akoth meaning she was born while it was raining and she was also named Grace by her mother who is a staunch christian.

From here, we can tell that Millie did not start engaging in protests the other day.


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