Revealed:Here Are The TOP 10 Similarities Between Catholic POPE FRANCIS & SONU Chair BABU OWINO


Using the hashtag-Shoot2Kill,(whatever that means)Babu Owino’s right hand man,Ndege Serikal decided to crack the ribs of his followers by unraveling the top ten similarities between SONU Chairman,Babu with the coming Catholic Pope.

No spoilers,here are the Top 10 laughable similarities straight away;
1.Both love babies
2.Both can pronounce letter P without opening their mouths
3.Both are commander-in-chiefs of unarmed forces
4.Both have a photo of John The Baptist in their wallets
5.Both are feared by kenyan Government and kenyan opposition
6.Both are chelsea fans.Their friends want Mourinho fired
7. Both have worked at a night club. Pope Francis worked as a bouncer while he was a student in Argentina. Babu worked as Manager of his night club in westlands till January 2014
8.Both drink three cups of camel milk daily
9.Both have Bishops as Accountants. Pope Francis has Bishop of Newyork. Babu has Bishop of Hope.
10. Both come from a family of firsts. Pope Francis’ mother was the first woman to get a Driver’s Licence in Argentina in 1897 .Babu owino’s mother was the first person to withdraw ksh.70,000 from MPESA in Kisumu County.

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