Abomination!See what the spirits Did To SONKO’s father Before He Died.He Said this before passing on!

sonko5Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko in one guy in a somber mood right now having lost his beloved father, Mzee Kioko Kivanguli, last week in Nairobi under unclear circumstances.
Kivanguli died at Nairobi Hospital last week on Sunday after a short illness of an undisclosed nature, just two days after being taken ill.
However, before he died, sources intimate that Sonko’s father was disturbed and seemed determined to see another day.
Speaking during his burial in Mavoko on Tuesday, Sonko’s step-mother confirmed that indeed her husband (Sonko’s father) didn’t want to die on that fateful Sunday.
She said Kivanguli called his entire family at his hospital bed and told them that he didn’t want to die because it was not yet time for him to join his maker, but as the old adage goes, his family loved him but God loved him more. He died a few minutes later against his wish.
The Senator’s mother appealed to God to give Kivangula eternal rest and have his spirit, which she said was restless by virtue of dying before time, to rest in peace and never to haunt the living.


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