Papa Shirandula’s Actress WILBRODA In An Ugly Love Triangle With An ODM Politician/Father of Her Son

Brian Weke and Wilbroda

Word on the street has it that Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula actress, Jacqueline Nyaminde, who is fondly known to the public as Wilbroda had been warming up to an affair with a human rights activist and politician,Brian Weke who ran for a parliamentary seat and lost in one of the constituencies carved out of the larger Embakasi..SEE ALSO:I Gave UHURU Kenyatta The Mungiki OATH-Maina NJENGA Discloses(See Details)
Although the hilarious Wilbroda has ever since denied such rumors but their public affection suggest otherwise.

Their undying purported love dates back 8 years ago but it was during the 2013 campaign that Wilbroda was frequently seen in ODM attire vigorously campaigning for Weke while he was vying for the parliamentary seat.

It is after the 2013 elections when Weke lost  that their alleged affair hit a snag but it was after they had a son together.

Weke has ever since denied being the father of Wibroda’s child and has occasionally dared her to have a DNA test to prove otherwise.
Wilbroda seems not to relent on living a trail of sons because sometime back,credible details emerged that she also had another son, allegedly with Charles Bukeko fondly known as Papa Shirandula.

Anyway that is Kenya showbiz and for women in this industry it seems,everything comes with a price!!

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