All about sportpesa Revealed.Tips on How to win sportpesa jackpot


There is a new way to make money in Kenya.Sportpesa was introduced in Kenya in the year 2014 much as it was created on 2012.It is a sport gambling lottery owned by Pevan East Africa.Football fans can bet on their favorite teams and stand to win money if their predictions is right or lose money if the predictions are not true.People have been able to get even 10 times the amount they bet.You must be able to analyze and predict the games well.

These is how you can register for sportpesa

For you to participate you must be of the age of 18 and above. registration is through there website, or via sms i.e sending the word “Game” to 79079. you will receive a user name, pay bill number and your pin.

How to bet on Sportpesa

There are two ways to place a bet. you can bet via their website( or by sms.

Through there website: It is easy to place the bet through there website,you just click on the team you have predicted to win or draw then indicate the amount to bet on the dialogue box that appears on the top right.

Types of bets available on Sportpesa

There are two bets i.e single bet where you place a bet on one game and multi-bet where you stake on more than one game and the odds will be multiplied to get your possible win.Minimum amount you can stake is ksh.100 and a maximum is  ksh.20,000.

In multi-bet you win the money if all your predictions are true and you can pick up to 20 games in single multi-bet.

Sportpesa jackpot

There is weekly jackpot which is the most difficult to predict because the games are specific and you have to bet all the games and get all predictions correct.

Gambling can be addictive to some people and you can either make money or lose money.

Sportpesa Paybill Number

Pay bill can be paid easily via Mpesa. Yu cash, Orange money and Airtel money.

How to deposit cash via Mpesa paybill No. 955100

  1. Open Mpesa menu and select payment services
  2. Select Paybill
  3. Choose enter’ paybill number’ and enter the sportpesa paybill number 955100
  4. Press enter ‘account number’ i.e SPORTPESA’
  5. Amount you want to deposit
  6. Enter your Mpesa pin
  7. Confirm the details are correctyou will be able to receive a confirmation sms from safaricom Mpesa then sportpesa will send you a confirmation sms

How to Deposit Money via Orange Money

  1. Open the Orange menu
  2. Select paybill
  3. Press other
  4. Type the number 079079
  5. Enter business number SPORPESA
  6. Enter the amount to send
  7. Enter you orange money pin

How to Deposit via YU cash

  1. Open the Yu cash menu
  2. Select paybill
  3. Open other
  4. Enter business number 1079079
  5. Enter the business number i.e SPORTPESA
  6. Enter the amount to send
  7. Enter your pin

How to Deposit via Airtel Money

  1. Open the airtel money menu
  2. Select make payment
  3. Select paybill and click other
  4. Enter business number i.e SPORTPESA
  5. Enter amount to send
  6. Enter pin
  7. Enter reference number i.e FOOTBALL

Sportpesa Customer Care

Telephone: 0709 079 079
Facebook: sportpesaKenya
Twitter: @SportPesa


Sportpesa betting fever has hit Kenya hard especially after especially after the Kakamega woman won ksh 22m sportpesa jackport.

below are some of the great jackpot betting tips from the recent 5 jackpot winners namely;Aggrey Simiyu,Samuel Machogu,Paul Wainaina,the 50yrs old George Mwangi who is an ex banker and Elimah Khanaitsa-the first 2016 sportpesa jackpot winner


The most common norm with all jackpot winners is that they choose careful the games to bet and they bet very few games.They on ly place the bet after the different teams and also visiting the different football prediction websites.e.g,,, and just to least but a few.

BE PATIENT-Its  not a guarantee that you are going to win the moment you place a bet.Every jackpot winner will tell you that it took patience,lack and belief.It even took years for some of them to win except for  Elimah Khanaitsa  hwo was lucky enough to winner only 3 months after joining the sportpesa society


Conducting a research on the games you want to bet before pacing a bet is necessary  something that can take hours depending on how thorough you are researching even though some people relies on lack


Football betting,just like any other prediction challenge relies on sober thoughts.This can be made possible by taking a few days off from betting just to stay mentally fresh.


  1. Elimah Khanaitsa,27 years old business woman Amalemba estate, kakamega county and is married to Ezekiel Besa 30 years old hwo accompanied her to receieve her cheque.She is the first sportpesa jackport  female winner and she bagged ksh 22million having predicted 13 football matches correctly.nalima
  2. Gabriel mwangi-He is a 50yrs old ex banker and currently a business man.he was the 3rd sportpesa jackpot winner  baggind a staggereing ksh 29.5million.Mr gabriel,a father of 3 stareted playing sportpesa may 2015 after he was introduced by his nephew.gilbert
  3. Paul Wainaina-He became an instant millionere and the 2nd sportpesa jackport winner after predicting 13 games correctly.Interesting facts about mr paul

sport wainaina

  • He had named his business sportpesa just four months before winning the jackpot
  • He never bet daily
  • He droped out of school at standard 7 due to luck of school fees
  • Hails from huruma estate

4) Andrew Mghanga-A 34 years old accountant was the first jackport winner bagging more than 5million in the year 2014.


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