Meet The Kenyan Lady Who Was Seriously Burnt By Her Boss In The Middle-East

Cases of Kenyan ladies being mistreated in the middle East keep increasing each day.

What’s more shocking is that even after hearing the horrifying stories told by those who have experienced the wrath of the Arab bosses, some women still choose to seek employment from them.

A certain Kenyan girl, Mary Kibwana Kamango was recently flown back home from the Middle East where she had been in a quest for greener pastures only to return home with 40% of her body burnt.

She claims that her boss deliberately set her on fire on 17th April 2016 without any reason whatsoever while she was handling the house chores.

According to her, the gas cylinder that burnt her was lit on purpose and if not for the good Samaritans she could have died due to the heavy flames.

Mike Sonko who came to her rescue has launched an investigation to see how ladies like Mary Kibwana can be helped.

Below are a few of her photos while in hospital.Photos Courtesy;

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