BABU OWINO Reveals who is NASA’s Presidential Candidate in August!Everybody was right

University of Nairobi student leader, Babu Owino, has revealed who will be CORD/ NASA’s presidential candidate in 2017.

Sharing his sentiments on social media after he attended the opposition rally at the Bomas of Kenya on Wednesday,
Owino, whose real name Paul Ongili Owino, said ODM party leader, Raila Odinga, is the CORD presidential candidate and the 5th President of the Republic of Kenya.
“At #Opposition Unites meeting at the Bomas of Kenya. Raila Odinga will be the 5th President of Kenya,” Owino wrote while attending the NASA formation rally at the Bomas of Kenya.
He even concurred and retweeted one of his followers tweets;

Owino now joins a list of ODM sycophants who have insisted that ODM leader, Raila Odinga, must be the NASA presidential candidate.
They say the Luo leader is the most senior politician in the opposition.
“The People’s President waiting for God’s time in August 2017,” ODM Communications Director, Philip Etale, wrote as he posted a photo of Raila Odinga.
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