What Happened to the Gorgeous ‘Manzi Wa Nai’,SHEBESH?Her Recent PHOTOs Surface after Long Hideout

Nairobi Woman Rep.Rachael Shebesh:Photo Courtesy

Nairobi Women Representative,Rachael Shebesh,is now a shadow of herself as far as beauty is concerned after recent photos of her in an undisclosed public function surfaced on social media.

When Shebesh won the Women rep seat back in 2013,she was taunted to be among the most beautiful female politicians in the 11th Parliament.

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She was even nick-named,Manzi Wa Nai,because of her good taste in fashion that every woman aped and her gorgeous looks that every man took notice.

However,Shebesh’s star started fading away in 2014 after the infamous Kidero-slapping incident and more so after intimate photos of her and the flamboyant Nairobi Senator,Mike Sonko,leaked online…CLICK NEXT BELOW TO CONTINUE READING & SEE Her Recent PHOTOs….