You Can Never Believe Who KILLED the Man Who Threw Shoes At UHURU Kenyatta In Migori.You Know Him!

migoriThe sad news of the demise of one of the youths accused of heckling and throwing shoes at President Uhuru Kenyatta when he visited Migori County last year has emerged.He goes by the name TONY OBONDO.

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The heckling incident, where a shoe was thrown at the President, led to national condemnation of the Luo community forcing local governor Okoth Obado to lead a delegation to State House to ‘apologize’.

Obondo was stabbed to death in a bar brawl at Club Resort,  a popular pub in Migori town.

A ruthless man known to be hatchet boy of a two term MP from the county, Obondo was alleged to have been on the run from the police with as many as 15 case files opened on him.

Two of the people he almost killed sighed with relief when his death came to public knowledge. Jossy Otiep, a resident of Migori town, live with a gaping whole in his mouth as Obondo broke all his teeth. Another victim of Obondo’s rage live with acid burns.

He was said to be receiving protection from the MP, whose wealth is associated with money laundering and drug trafficking. In fact, Migori County officials had uprooted an acre of cannabis (marijuana) in a farm alleged to be owned by the MP, though the case never made it to court as local police are said to benefit from the proceeds.

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