BENSOUDA Releases NEW Names Of Poweful Kenyans &How They Were Involved In 2007 Post Election Chaos

bensoudaOn Monday night, the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) at the ICC released a redacted version of a pre-trial brief detailing part of the evidence it would have relied on had the now-collapsed case against President Uhuru Kenyatta gone to trial.

President Kenyatta was charged at the ICC as an indirect co-perpetrator of five counts of crimes against humanity committed during the 2007-2008 PEV, in which an estimated 1,300 Kenyans died in inter-ethnic clashes after a disputed presidential election. Here are the names of some of the prominent Kenyans named in the document.

 By The Hague Trials Writer
The heavily redacted case brief is bound to make for unsettling reading for President Kenyatta and his supporters, who have accused the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda of being part of a nefarious Western-backed scheme to discredit and destabilize the ruling Jubilee coalition. The 69-page brief puts Kenyatta at the centre of a bloody plot to use members of the Mungiki sect to help the then incumbent president Mwai Kibaki retain his seat in the 2007 elections.
This in itself is not news to Kenyans, since – as a quick web search will show – Bensouda and her team have tried to play up Kenyatta’s alleged links to the Mungiki countless times. What is new is that the brief, for the first time, names a number of prominent Kenyans allegedly involved in a plot to finance and arm Mungiki sect members to mount attacks on rival communities in Nakuru and Naivasha.
What follows is a summary of the prominent Kenyans named in the brief and their alleged roles in the violence that brought Kenya to the brink of civil war:
1.     Waitiri Michuki – Michuki is the wife of the late John Michuki, the former minister of internal security and provincial administration, who contentiously declared a “shoot to kill” order against the Mungiki a few weeks after his appointment in 2005. The brief claims that his wife was used as an intermediary to establish contact with the Mungiki, with the aim of recruiting them to take part in attacks.

2.     George Thuo – Thuo, who mysteriously died in 2013 while having a drink with friends, was the MP for Juja constituency. Financed by Kenyatta, he allegedly made City Hoppa buses and trucks available to transport the Mungiki. Thuo is also mentioned as a recruiter of the Mungiki gang members used in the violence. He allegedly told representatives of the sect that the attacks had been sanctioned at the highest level of government and, that extra-judicial killings would cease and Maina Njenga would be released from prison in exchange for their support. The brief depicts Thuo as Kenyatta’s go-to man for the funding of the Mungiki attackers.CLICK BELOW TO CONTINUE READING THE LIST…..

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