Billionaires From Central Kenya Who Have Vowed To Use Their Vast Resources To Ensure Raila Is The Next President

Jimnah Mbaru

Cord leader Raila Odinga has been demonized in Central Kenya by Kikuyu leaders. He has been accused of plotting to forcefully evict members of the Kikuyu community from their land among other untruths. However, there is a small clique of Kikuyu billionaires who are ready to use their vast resources to ensure a Raila presidency in the forthcoming general elections.

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Here are the said billionaires:

SK Macharia-Royal Media Services Chair

The media mogul has in the past supported Cord leader Raila Odinga with much gusto. The Royal Media services chair used his media outlets to vigorously campaign for the Cord leader in the 2007 general elections that was marred with unprecedented violence that led to the loss of over 1,000 lives. Recent utterances during the election law debate in parliament; SK Macharia was quoted as saying:

“The one who was declared the winner in 2007 was not the winner… We tracked all the results through satellite phones,” ………”As per my records, Raila won the elections.” Macharia has made his intentions clear that he will support Raila in the forthcoming general elections.

Jimnah Mbaru-Investment Banker

He tried his hands in politics and failed. Top investment banker, who has earned the moniker of African Warren Buffet, has not made his intentions clear if he will go for a second stab for the Nairobi Gubernatorial seat. What is, however, clear is that he is supporting Raila Odinga for the presidency in the forthcoming general elections. He shared his unflattering disdain for Uhuru Kenyatta led government on social media.

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His tweet read:
Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga had something in common. They surrounded themselves with highly educated people
He is said to hold the President in low esteem thanks to the people he associates with.


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