Shocking Story Of How Quiet Guy Planned,Drilled a Hole and Stole Sh27M at Equity Bank In Kayole


A “boring guy” who kept to himself. For the two and a half months that he lived next to Equity Bank’s Kayole Branch, he never talked to neighbours and his door was under lock and key even when he went to the shop, just 10 metres away.

The mysterious man, who detectives believe colluded with bank staff to plan the Saturday night theft, locked his room and went under after the heist.

Although Nairobi County Police Commander Japheth Koome said the bank had not disclosed the amount of money stolen as its officers were still reconciling their records, it is estimated at more than Sh27 million.


Mr Koome however confirmed that several bank employees, two security guards and one other person were being investigated over the heist.

The main suspect had rented one of the single-roomed units in a court sharing the rear wall with the bank, whose entrance faces the road in the opposite direction.

“He has been living here, even though I did not see him when he arrived,” said a businessman in an adjacent building. “The premises are usually used for business but he lived there.”

He said he never saw anyone visit the neighbour, whose name he never bothered to ask as he was a loner.

Another neighbour said the man, probably in his 30s, liked to wear a pair of jeans and jerseys branded with different football club colours…..CLICK NEXT BELOW TO COTINUE READING….

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