Boxer CONJESTINA Badly Beaten Like A Stray DOG By Mob along Kisumu-Busia Road!SEE Details!


Former celebrated female boxer Conjestina Achieng’ continues to wallow in poverty, deteriorating health, and hopelessness in Gem, Yala in Siaya County. This would pass as one of the most embarrassing grass-to-grace situations in current times.

The once feared frame, boxing adeptness of Conjestina no longer intimidates anyone; at least going by her brother’s revelation – that a mob clobbered her for ‘intervening where she should not have.’

Mr Ochieng’ narrated: “Recently people ganged up against Conjestina and beat her thoroughly along the Kisumu-Busia Road.

Disclosing what prompted the horde to subject the once celebrated boxing champion to such humiliation, Ochieng’ said: “There was a thief who was being beaten by a mob. Conjestina went there to try to pacify the situation and also help stop the mob from beating the alleged thief to death.

However, they turned tables on her and beat her thoroughly! They only stopped battering her when some men and I appeared at the scene. They all ran away.

They hadn’t harmed her to an extent of being hospitalized,” Mr Ochieng’ added.

We do wish her quick recovery!

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