Kenyan Government’s support for business growth cannot be overemphasized. The country has rolled up its sleeves to facilitate achievement of the vision 2030 project. Thus among the key project pillars is a fully developed business sector. Kenya has been on an upward trend with regards to establishment of policies to incubate fresh business ideas.

The country enjoys a lot of benefits from its strategic location along the East African Coast and a booming growth of middle class sector that drives the economic growth at such a tremendous rate. To that effect the country recorded a 5% economic growth

However there are some challenges that the country faces some of which are food insecurity due to its overreliance on rain pattern controlled agricultural food sources. A shaky political atmosphere also tries to threaten the success of business in the country.

Some processes have been updated and automated to facilitate the ease of establishing businesses for example the automation of the Registry system to register new ideas and businesses. The process to register and start a business has also been halved time wise such as this convenience has encouraged the stakeholders to venture into developing the sector.

Nairobi city is vital as it is the hub for the young innovators and also experienced innovators across all sectors of business. The following are some of the sectors that one could invest in:

  • Agriculture
  • Food processing
  • Construction and real estate
  • Small industry
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Internet and Computer Services
  • Transport
  • Energy

Kenya is most developed country in Eastern Africa Economic wise and has a nominal GDP of $ 35.8 billion. The country also boasts of a large number of professionals and intellects. The other great advantages include its strategic location, natural resources and immense human resource advantage.

In the year 2015 a lot of improvement and potential has been developed in these areas: real estate development, value addition agriculture, child care centres, participation in government tenders, learning institutions, events planning, litter collection and consultancy business. Thus one can easily become successful businessperson.

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