Chief Justice MARAGA Fires WARNING Shots to DUALE and the Entire JUBILEE!See Details

Chief Justice David Maraga has fired a warning shot at Jubilee for their intentions to ‘crucify’ High Court George Odunga.

In a statement, Maraga said it was unfortunate for Majority Leader Aden Duale to make utterances and threats against Odunga in the face or the rule of law and civil conduct of leaders in Kenya’s democracy.

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“ His utterances impinge on the hard-won independence of the Judiciary. How can Duale celebrate as he lays the premise for the attack on the Honorable? Odunga has been a major factor in the transformation of Kenya’s Judiciary, as well as contributed to the international respect and acclaim the institution continues to draw,” said Maraga.

He warned Jubilee, as well as other arms of government, that under his leadership, judges will continue to discharge their duties fairly, impartially and firmly no matter who is involved in a case.

“When constitutional controversies and disputes arise, and they are brought to court, judges will not be shy in interpreting the law accordingly. We will not be intimidated and blackmailed, either as individual judges or as an institution. This is what we owe the Kenyan public, as well as our oaths of office,” added Maraga.


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