Coolest President Ever?SEE The TATTOO H.E UHURU Has Been Hiding From Kenyans In Those Suits!!

President Uhuru Kenyatta is probably the most photographed person in the country today. . However, these photo of Uhuru Kenyatta i can bet 90% of Kenyans have not seen them. He’s also very photogenic..MOST VIEWED TODAY:CASE CLOSED:RAILA ODINGA IS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT COME 2017!!SEE WHAT RAILA IS DOING!!
he is the most hype president in Africa, that is indisputable, from the numerous selfies to catching matatus from State House to self driving in a Vitz, the president knows how to maintain his down to earth and common man personality.
Despite his regular off the cuff remarks against his political nemesis, his charisma is still intact. Hype aside,well, a photo has surfaced online of the president endowed in a cool T-shirt with his name written on it,exposing a tattoo on his right arm.To complete the cool look he is also rocked with a modern version bling.Whether it’s Photoshop or not,the authenticity of the photo below is yet to be established.But till then he looks awesome in these outfit.Look below 
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