Revenge Time!!KDF Kills 20 ALSHABAAB Idiots &Another Top Commander(An Explosive Expert).SEE DETAILS

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) ground troops under the AMISON operations struck an Al Shabaab operations/training camp at Sidimo aka Catama in Gedo Region at around 5am on 18/2/2016.

During the engagement the AMISON troops managed to kill 20 Al Shabaab militants while many others escaped with serious multiple injuries.

According to a statement issued by the Department of Defence on Friday,Maalim Sheriff, who has been the architect of the various Improvised Explosive Devices(IED) incidents in Gedo Region and also an IED expert for Al Shabaab was also among the dead.
During the incident,16 AK 47 rifles,6 Improvised Explosives,2 pistols and 8 rocket propelled grenades(RPGS),assorted ammunition and a Global Positioning System(GPS) gadgets were recovered by the mighty KDF.
Over the past few weeks,KDF has intensified their operations in Somalia after the El Adde attack incident where over 63 KDF soldiers were killed and scores injured.
Below is the full statement from the DoD;
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