Amazing:NGINA &Muhoho Kenyatta Leave Guests Stunned After Dressing This Way at a State Function-Photo

President Uhuru’s only daughter,Ngina Kenyatta is one of the most influential,adored and respected Kenyan lady around.She is a icon to many young girls.She is kind,humble and most of all,well-mannered.You will never hear her name out there in any controversy unlike other rich celebrity kids of public figures.

On the other hand,her younger brother,Muhoho Kenyatta is a revered fashionista.Mo,as he’s popularly referred to by his close circle of friends, is the head of production at Nomadic Kenya, a fashion line he formed together with friends from Peponi School.

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Nomadic Kenya makes their clothes from Khangas, and these include trousers, harems and shorts.

In a recent undisclosed state house function,the two left many mouths gaping after they stepped out dressed in a very rare way.For the first time,Ngina was photographed in an elegant dress while his bro stood out in a ravishing tuxedo.

Below is the photo causing a buzz;

Muhoho Kenyatta:Photo Courtesy
Muhoho Kenyatta (Infront) and his sister Ngina behind him:Photo Courtesy
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