Taking Comedy Too Far?Eric Omondi Almost Run Over In LONDON while taking #M7Challenge


When Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni stopped by a roadside in a village to make a call no one imagined it will go viral let alone become a meme

Social Media went wild creating memes and recreating the photos including comedian Eric Omondi who staged the stunt in London

The comedian currently in London for a tour went to the middle of the streets to recreate the now famous #M7Challenge.

On a video shared on Instagram,Eric is seen walking along London streets trying to find a perfect spot to seat.

He is then spotted seated on a folding chair, similar to Museveni’s, with a phone glued to his ear at the same time trying to stop oncoming vehicles with his other hand.


The vehicles can be heard hooting as Eric tries to ensure he completes his stunt talking in Luganda.

The video ends with an oncoming bus headed where Eric is seated with his hands stretched.

M7 challenge London ?????????????????????? #m7challenge?? #EricOmondiWorldTour?

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The #M7Challenge kicked off after Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni stopped by the roadside at a rural village to make a phone call.

The picture depicts the president seated on a folding chair, making a phone call in front of his presidential convoy.


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