(Video)DP RUTO Chased Away & Runs for Safety in Kericho as KANU youths Rant,’..Jogoo,Jogoo..’


A huge revolt against the Deputy President William Ruto and the Jubilee government has been developing in certain quarters of the Kalenjin community and it evidently showed out in Lelu,Kericho County,on Saturday while the DP was campaigning for Jubilee candidate, Aaron Cheruiyot.He was forced to call-off the political rally after youthful KANU supporters went nuts!

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It all started after young lads affiliated to KANU started singing songs associated with the former ruling party and raising the famous one finger salute chanting ‘Jogoo’! Jogoo! Jogoo!Tingisha kidole!(with a Kalenjin accent of coarse) as a sign of‪ their allegiance to Mzee Paul Sang.
Commotion erupted between Jubilee supporters and KANU faithfuls and due to that reason,DP Ruto was forced to cancel the rally and flee for safety.
The youths later on stated that Kericho County is a KANU zone and DP William Ruto should forget their votes and keep off from campaigning in the area. 
Below is a raw video of what took place;

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