DP RUTO’s Wife,Rachael,Shows Nairobi Girls How To Be Wife Material at MAMA Lucy’s Burial-PHOTO


Rachel Ruto is a standout amongst the most powerful and respected women in Kenya.The loving wife of Deputy President William Ruto is such a humble,modest and admirable woman.Unlike other wives of politicians who do anything to get media coverage and public glare,Rachel Ruto is distinctive and prefers a quiet life

However a photo of Racheal shaking hands with former head of state,Mwai Kibaki has caught social media’s attention in the way in which she expresses respect to the former President.

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It has been described as the best portrayal of a typical Nandi upbringing in which one is taught to greet older folks with both hands and that is not all,one is supposed to add a little bend of the knees to it as an indication of total respect.

Like we said before,Rachael Ruto hardly grabs media headlines and rarely is she seen in public but when she does, everyone tends to admire her character…CLICK NEXT BELOW TO CONTINUE READING & VIEW THE PHOTO…

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