DUALE Caught On AUDIO urging Somali Youths to Get Rid of Kambas from Garissa ahead of 2017 Polls

An audio video has surfaced online alleging that Jubilee Party Member of Parliament and Leader of Majority inciting his electorate to get rid of a tribe from their home town.

In the audio, Duale is heard calling for the mobilization of youth to get rid of the Kamba people because they are outsiders and cannot be allowed to vote in Garissa.

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“Kambas, start with them today. You are residents. Tell them to build their houses but they should not dare bring their Wiper politics here,

“Warn them that they will not cross the Tana bridge into Garissa on voting day. We will be waiting for them. 15 to 16 voter registration starts. I want you to mobilize youth to every polling station. I will not allow any matatu ferrying people you don’t know to register as voters,

“We own this town, not outsiders. Mobilize five to six youth to every polling station day and night. I will pay for their needs and protect them

“I have warned the area chief against allowing those matatus ferrying them. You will be assisted by law enforcement authority to chase them away as I have instructed….CLICK NEXT TO CONTINUE READING & LISTEN TO AUDIO 

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