DUALE Caught On AUDIO urging Somali Youths to Get Rid of Kambas from Garissa ahead of 2017 Polls

“We will have a sit down with the county commander na watu wa CID wajuane (they can know each other). You should stand strong and fearless at all wards and if you are arrested for violence, you will be released. I will pay your bills and other costs,” Duale is alleged to have said.

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Garissa is dominated by Kenyan Somalis.

Duale’s radical plans could have been inspired by Farah Maalim’s recent decamping to Wiper Party from ODM.

Farah Maalim

Maalim is planning to unseat Duale in the upcoming 2017 General Election. He already has clan backing and the Kamba community will provide him with the swing vote to win the race.

Dulae is known to speak his mind without filtering his words. He speaks boldly, daring to say things that would never be said in public

Listen to the audio below:

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