DUALE Finally Responds To AUDIO of Him Inciting Somalis Against Kamba voters In Garissa

Aden Duale has dismissed as outrageous, an audio clip doing rounds on social media, believed to be of him inciting youths against Kamba voters and Wiper supporters.

The National Assembly Majority leader denied that the voice was his and demanded confirmation of the venue, who the youths being addressed were and any other evidence.

“In my opinion it is concocted propaganda,” he told the Star by phone on Thursday, adding the clip was “corrupted”.

“You have somebody who said he was there with me… It is corrupted… It is not even audible. All of my functions are on my Facebook page,” he said.

“Let someone come and tell me I was there and that I am the owner of this tape.”

The person in the two-minute recording asks a group of youths to drive Kambas away and prevent them from registering as voters.

Believing the voice was that of Duale, who is also Garissa Town MP, Kenyans on Twitter called for his arrest through hash tag #ArrestDuale.

“Jubilee should stop preaching peace openly yet they support war [and] hatred among themselves. We will not [permit] this kind of madness,” said Mbula Mutula.

Mutula urged “our Kamba brothers” to be courageous as the youths being incited were “a few clueless” ones.

“We will not allow any hate against you as Garissa residents,” he also wrote. “Why is [Interior CS Joseph] Nkaissery quiet about the reckless utterances… Jubilee must fall.”

A user identified just as Dikembe said: “Jubilee majority leaders call for Kamba people to be evicted from Garissa. That’s hate speech.”

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