Evil & Demonic!What Suspected KILLER Of KU Graduate Told Her SISTER On Phone After the ordeal


Just hours after the killing of Endinal Nyainda, a recent Kenyatta University graduate, the suspected murderer made a chilling phone call to her sister asking her to go and collect the victim’s body.

This is according to the victim’s sister Diolence Nyainda.

Endinal was murdered on Monday by lover inside their rented apartment at Kahawa Wendani, after what has been reported as a disagreement.

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The man, who has been identified as Maxwell Ochieng, is alleged to have stubbed the victim several times in the stomach after the two had a disagreement after she threatened to leave the man.

“My sister left the house and did not say where she was going and at around 2.48am, her ex-boyfriend called me and when I picked the phone he told me to go and pick the body of my sister, whom she said she had already killed,” said Diolence Nyainda.

Miss Nyainda added that when she reached where the man lived he..CLICK NEXT BELOW TO CONTINUE READING…

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