Was Caroline MUTOKO Intimate With The Late MUTULA Kilonzo Before His Death?Here’s The TRUTH


2 years ago,the story of Caroline Mutoko’s intimate affair with the late Mutula Kilonzo broke the web and today being a #TBT(Through Back Thursday),we could not have thought of any other day to clear the air on the  unsubstantiated story.

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Several  blogs published what was believed to be a rumor aimed at tainting Radio personality Caroline Mutoko’s image.The gist of the rumor was that Caroline was the mystery visitor at the late Senator Mutula’s Maazoni ranch the day he was found dead.

First of all,here is how the story went,and i quote;

“We are getting all sorts of information related to former Senator, Mutula Kilonzo’s death. Some are interesting but some are just scary. A source embedded with the team of CID officers led by Japheth Maingi, who are investigating his death are bringing out more information.

One officer reveals that Mutula Kilonzo’s call logs indicate that Caroline Mutoko had a scheduled date with the former Senator. A source also revealed that the IP Cameras deployed in the house confirmed that Caroline Mutoko was indeed in the house like she has been many times. Mutula Kilonzo was known to be having a relationship with Caroline Mutoko since sometime in the late 1990s. 

Mutula and Mutoko met while the former powerful lawyer of President Moi was a guest in the KissFM talk show, Cross Fire. 

Mutoko is also widely rumoured to be in a relationship with one of the owners of Radio Africa, Patrick Quarco.

Sources close to Mutoko at Radio Africa also reveal….CLICK BELOW TO CONTINUE READING

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