God Save Ex-KTN anchor LOUIS OTIENO!He’s Going Through the most Traumatic Phase Of His Life.


Worn-down, frazzled,hefty and in a cream turtle neck and beige jacket, Louis Otieno is a shocking shadow of his former self(Photo Above).

We knew Louis Otieno as the well-dressed, authoritative presenter who enjoyed an illustrious career in TV, something only few can talk big about.

The once disciplined anchor started indulging in alcohol which has added salt to injury to his deteriorating health.

Alcohol reduced Louis to a zombie and his life is now totally messed up.
According to sources close to the former anchor, he has been in and out of rehabs for the last five years.
The friends who would hang around with him when he was the king of the screen have deserted him.
Nowadays, the once celebrated anchor lives with his mother as he struggles with…CLICK NEXT TO CONTINUE READING..
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