Thika Town MP,ALICE Wambui Nganga,Gets Impregnated by a scandalous Public figure

Alice N'gang'a:Photo courtesy
Alice N’gang’a:Photo courtesy

Thika Town MP, Alice Wambui N’gang’a,has come under viscous criticism after details have been disclosed that the outspoken legislator has been impregnated by a purported thief who has been suspended for looting public funds.

According to renown blogger,Cyprian Nyakudi,the 39 year old Alice Ng’ang’a has made a baby with Daniel Barasa, the man who conspired with others to loot National Irrigation Board (NIB’s) Galana/Kwayu projects, where over Kshs. 7.5 Billion went missing.

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Alice and Barasa have been living together since last year,when they mutually conspired in quest for the billions intended to accomplish Kenya’s food security and fill the strategic grain reserve. The venture also incorporated funding of Mwea, Bura and other irrigation schemes.

Alice Nganga was initially a single mother and this Daniel Barasa character took her up when she had two kids from two different guys. Barasa’s kid will be her third.

This revelation comes after it was uncovered weeks ago that the apartments currently being constructed in Hurlingham Shopping Center are in Alice’s three names, despite the fact that both of them accomplished the scandalous project together.

Daniel Barasa:Photo Courtesy
Daniel Barasa:Photo Courtesy
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