SHOCKING:Here Are The Names and PHOTOS Of Popular Footballers Linked With Terrorism!!

  1. Lassana Diarra:
Lass While in Real Madrid
Lass While in Real Madrid

Was forced to formally deny claims that he had become an Islamic warrior fighting in Syria. Diarra who patrolled the midfield for Arsenal, Chelsea and Portsmouth, said he had never set foot in the war-torn country.

2) Burak Karan:


A former rising star of German football who played for the under-17 national squad was killed after abandoning his career to fight for Al-Qaeda in the Syrian civil war against the Assad regime.
He played alongside famous names such as Sami Khedira, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Dennis Aogo.

But five years ago he quit the game he loved and his country to become a radicalised Jihadist.

On October 11, aged just 26, he was blown to smithereens by a bomb dropped by an Assad air force jet on the village of Azaz, near the Turkish border.

3) Abu Issa Al-Andalusi:

Former footballer: Abu Issa Al-Andalusi in the video


The former Arsenal footballer was accused of joining jihadi fighters waging war in Syria. He reportedly became a militia man for the terror group and turned his back on his football playboylifestyle after becoming radicalized. He is said to have grown up playing with Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

4) Abu Treika (Aboutrika):


Recently retired Egyptian soccer legend has seen his appeal for the return of his assets, seized over alleged links to the now-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, turned down.



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