EXPOSED:Here Are TOP 17 SHOCKING Facts You Did NOT Know About UON SONU Chair BABU Owino

Babu Owino:Photo Courtesy
Babu Owino:Photo Courtesy

Via New Comrades Forum

I personally found these facts shocking and most of all hilarious.Get ready for your ribs to be cracked;

  1. Babu speaks three languages, in swahili, in English and in tongues.
  2. Babu is feared by Alshabab, Alkaida and Boko Haram
  3. Babu is the only comrade who can be located by GPRS
  4. Babu came to Nairobi 7 years ago, carrying two trousers and a T-shirt in a ksh 5 paper bag, he struggled to be where he is today.
  5. Babu Owino never tolerates impunity, he is in record as the most feared student leader
  6. Babu spends 23 hours in a day thinking about how to serve comrades better..
  7. Babu is a former athlete, he was the most valued student in Kisumu boys relay Marathon..
  8. Babu Owino never attended classes 4 and 5, from std 3,the headteacher decided to promote him to std 6,where he maintained number one position..
  9. A part from Swahili, English and Tongues languages, Babu also understands Body language.
  10. Babu visits restaurants every weekend but takes only 3 and half glasses of water..
  11. Babu’s favourite artist is Mbili Bel.. The congolese Rumba maestro…
  12. Babu’s favourite saying is ‘Do not use muscles on what you can achieve using brains’ Babu hates violence so much..
  13. Babu Owino is 22 years, 5 months, 15 weeks and 39 hours old…
  14. Babu was born on a leap year 29th of February…. This means his birthday comes only once after 4 years…
  15. Ongili is so humble, he has never even harmed a fly, if you wrong him, he looks for you finds you and forgive you…
  16. Babu is the former, current and incoming Sonu Chairman..
  17. When a student cannot have what to eat, when a student has been suspended, when a student lacks basic needs, when ladies cannot afford sanitary towels, when comrades cannot find love (partners) Babu sheds tears the whole night, later he finds the solution..
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