Here’s The President’s Advisor Who EXPOSED KNUT Chair,Wilson SOSSION’S PaySlip.You Know Her

Kenya National Union of Teachers Secretary General Wilson Sossion has accused President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Chief Policy Advisor Nancy Gitau, of circulating a fake pay slip on social media purporting to be his.

Sossion said that KNUT had proper audited accounts, approved by the union’s organs and that nobody in the union earned a basic salary above Sh200,000.

The Secretary General took to his twitter handle where he disowned the pay slip that indicated that he earned a basic salary of Sh940,000.


Sossion also condemned the social media attacks driven under the hashtag #HypocrisyAtKNUT stating that it was unfortunate that the union’s fight for teachers rights led to a negative campaign against it.

He received criticism on social media after instructing teachers to boycott work despite court’s suspension of the strike with some saying that he ought to follow the rulings made.

However, some felt that Sossion was simply doing what teachers had appointed him to do and supported his every move.

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