MUST SEE LEAKED PHOTOS!!NTV FIRES Hottest Presenter After Her N*DE Photos Leaked Online!


NTV has never been short of juicier scandals and controversies as far as nudity and s3x scandals are concerned and the story below is no any different.

Uganda’s NTV popular and hottest presenter Anita Fabiola(pictured above) has allegedly been shown the door from the station for disgracing the brand after her nud3 photos leaked.

For those who did not see the photos,CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE(Remember 18+ PLEASE).

Anita Fabiola had been the talking point last week after her nud3s were leaked by a blackmailer who had demanded Ushs2Million from her in order to delete them but the NTV’s Ugandan presenter declined..MOST VIEWED TODAY:SHOCKING!SEE THE HORRIFYING INCIDENT THAT HAPPENED TO THE PREGNANT GOSPEL SINGER SIZE 8!!
Fabiola who claims she was not fired but rather resigned out of respect for the brand and personal decision took to social media on Tuesday evening to break the news of her “fall out” with NTV
The last week hasn’t been easy; no woman would like to show her body to complete strangers. Much as I am a victim, I feel like I have let you down” Fabiola reiterated.
….as a result, I have decided to take a media break as I deal with the humiliation. I am resigning from my Job at NTV.” She added.

Whether or not she was fired because of the n*de photos,the burning question remains,what on earth was she thinking while taking those photos in the first place??That is a question she only has the perfect answers.

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