How Fellow Policemen Plotted the Merciless Murder Of NIS Officer who was Controlling Traffic at Donholm!

Last week a National Intelligence Service Officer was mercilessly slew to death by novice crowd while his colleague flew away before being cornered by the angry mob in Nairobi at Donholm estate.

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The two NIS officers had alighted from the car and tried to control traffic but members of the public mistook them of robbers.

But according to the family of the murdered NIS officer,the whole thing was a pre-planned to have him killed.

Speaking to the press,the Family spokesman Kimathi Munjuri,who happens to the cousin of the late NIS officer,said that it leaves many questions unanswered as to why police officers would disarm a man and leave him at the mercy of a crowd rather than arrest him.

The family alleges that there was something not captured in video footage available pertaining to what made the officer fall into a ditch.

Mr Munjuri suspects his cousin could have been shot, arguing that given his advanced training earlier as a Recce officer, he would not have gone down so easily.He was wants an explanation as to the role played by two policemen.

Detectives from the NIS on Monday visited the scene and Buruburu police station after preliminary investigations showed that some two police officers, one believed to be from the Inspector General’s office, disarmed the NIS officers and left them at the mercy of an angry mob.

Here is the edited video showing events that took place during his murder courtesy of nairobinews;

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