“…I will insert a broken beer bottle deep down Your Stinking…” Moses Kuria’s Responds to Millie Odhiambo

Yesterday the country witness a standoff between CORD and JUBILEE members of parliament.

CORD MPs blocked the house speaker from presiding a seating to discuss amendments of the election law.

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During the drama Millie Odhiambo disrespectfully addressed President Uhuru Kenyatta. Watch the clip below.

One of President Uhuru main man, Moses Kuria is alleged to have responded to demonstrating CORD MPs through below facebook post.

The post has been trending though the original post is no-longer on his page, may be he deleted it or it was posted by a parody account.

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“So ODM not Cord imagine they can frustrate parliament business democracy,through parliament take over in parliament ,surely is this civilized/?What happen to parliament democracy where we decide matters through voting verify verify i.say unto you, you have pushed our patience to the end,last year you got your way through removing.your smelly pantie to suffocate us with the repugnant stench of your maggot infested things.Today Millie you have crossed the redline disrespecting the president the highest authority in land,now no one will have a reason to blame me,keep away from parliament i will insert a broken beer bottle deep down that mbita stinking chieth”

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