This Is What JACOB Juma’s Widow Had to Say About Her Relationship With another City Tycoon-Wajingi

Jacob's widow,Miriam Juma(Left) and Raila Odinga(Right)
Jacob’s widow,Miriam Juma(Left) and Raila Odinga(Right)

Widow of the late Jacob Juma’s has recorded a police statement that has left many people,including the investigators,confused.

Miriam Wairimu told police that she is not related in any way with a close friend of the late,Jimmy Wanjigi,who many speculated to be her elder brother.

Juma’s widow also stated she didn’t understand the friendship between her late spouse Jacob Juma and Wanjigi,reports the Star.

It was also reported that the city mogul,Wajingi,was involved in Jacob Juma’s funeral since they were business accomplices and apparently in-laws.

Jimmy Wanjigi is said to have taken care of a colossal amount of Jacob Juma’s funeral costs.

Wajingi is among 28 persons of interest who have been interrogated by police over the killing.He is said to have been one of the last individuals who conversed with the deceased on telephone.

He,Sirisia MP and CORD leader Raila Odinga,were among the few individuals to view Jacob Juma’s body at the Lee Funeral Home after he was killed on Thursday, May 5.Check them on the photo below;


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