Fears of the government secretly disposing off the bodies of Garissa University students have been raised after a white lorry was seen ferrying remains of badly damaged people into the Lang’ata cemetery, Nairobi.

The clandestine activity is said to be going on early in the wee hours of the morning. Last Friday, confusion hit the identification of the students bodies as different government agencies gave different figures for the number of students killed.

While the official narrative has it that 147 students were killed, independent sources claim as many as 300 students may have been killed in the gristly attack.

The University Academic Staff Union (UASU) claimed over 160 students are yet to be accounted for outside the 147 the government has claimed were killed during the attack. This would bring the number to 307, which is closer to the 317 figure that an unauthorised source with Red Cross is said to have revealed.

The lorry was spotted by multiple people and finally seen dumping the bodies at Lang’ata cemetery.


To add to the general confusion, Moi University Students Organisation (Muso) secretary-general, Mr Titus Safari, said 59 of his colleagues had not been accounted for.

Defence Cabinet Secretary Raychelle Omamo, addressing the press in the company of a large group of Cabinet secretaries, said 613 students had been rescued, along with 50 staff of the university.

Since it is already established that 142 students were killed and 815 were enrolled at the college, this would raise troubling questions about the whereabouts of some 60 students unless they had left the campus before the attack which was carried out on the eve of the Easter weekend.

Government yet to comment on these new allegations. However, Kenyans on social media have started demanding answers over the ‘unclaimed bodies’ using yet another hashtag: #UnClaimedBodies


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