Here’s What Is Happening In Johnson Mwakazi’s Life After Leaving Citizen TV.

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Former Citizen TV morning breakfast show host and poet,Johnson Mwakazi, who was once an personalities in the media industry, is currently undergoing one of the most trying times of his life.

Mwakazi left his lucrative job at Citizen TV having been poached by a new TV station known as WTV.It was a local TV station that was being run by foreign investors .

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Mwakazi has been the boss at the struggling TV station ever since he left Citizen TV but investors have pulled out after realizing that the station is making huge losses due to the fierce competition in the TV industry.

Sources intimate that employees of WTV have gone for months without pay and they have been on Mwakazi’s neck.

He has been playing cat and mouse games with employees for months with some threatening to take him to court over their dues….CLICK NEXT BELOW TO CONTINUE READING..

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