Johnstone Mwakazi left jobless as another TV station goes off air

WTV, one of the newest television stations in Kenya, has been shut, leaving close to 50 employees in the cold, including Johnstone Mwakazi. The station, which started in June 2013 and known in full as Wholesome TV, went off air yesterday. Employees were told broadcasting had been suspended until further notice and production of programmes stopped. The station has been reeling under a string of financial difficulties that appear to have eventually ground its operations to a halt.

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WTV is owned by a group of local investors under an outfit called Foundation Media Group. It has, evidently, been facing cashflow problems and leadership issues, with a high turnover of employees. People familiar with WTV operations say it has struggled to attract strategic investors who would pump in more money to improve programming and attract best talent in an industry where star performers come at a high price.
Without high quality content and relying on mainly on entrepreneur profiles and magazine-type programming, WTV could not attract premium advertising in a very competitive market that was flooded by more players after the digital migration last year. The little that came through sponsorships of programmes was often gulped by its operational expenses….CLICK NEXT BELOW TO CONTINUE READING….

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