Video of Joho driving himself after telling Uhuru to keep his security guards

A video has surfaced showing Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho driving himself after he told the government to keep the security guards it had withdrawn from him.

Speaking during the launch of the NASA at Bomas on Wednesday, January 11, Joho said that he no longer needs the guards and that he had drove himself to the venue without any security.

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This comes after the government withdrew his security a day after he gave President Uhuru Kenyatta a public dress-down in Mombasa over a project he was launching.

Joho told Uhuru to commission a Jubilee project and stop riding on projects commissioned by the grand coalition government.

 However, the government claimed that the withdrawal was not politically motivated but a slight re-organisation

Kilifi governor Amason Kingi’s security was also withdrawn after he criticised Uhuru in the same manner.

Reports indicated that the government had sent new security to the two governors, but they rejected them.

Here is the video:

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