Just like MUGO wa WAIRIMU,Another Quack doctor Sedates & R@pes A patient In Muranga.

A doctor in Muriranja Level 4 Hospital in Muranga County has been accused of raping a patient after she visited his office for treatment.

According to the patient’s family, the doctor who was identified as Dr Douglas Mbutti raped their 17 year girl when she went seeking treatment for a skin rash.

The girl’s mother said Dr Mbutti raped the young girl after sedating her. The girl also confessed that the doctor raped her and said that at one point, she got up up from her anaesthetic slumber only to find the doctor putting on his trousers.

The mother accused Kahuro Police Station officers of frustrating her efforts to get justice for her daughter. She said that they refused to give her a P3 form for a week. “Since July when I filed a report at Kahuro Police Station, I am yet to receive any word on the progress of the case.

I appeal to the Government to intervene.” the mother said. On his part, Mbutti filed a report accusing the family of spoiling his reputation and discrediting his work by claiming that he had impregnated their child. Dr Mbutti also owns Mugoiri Medical Centre which is a private clinic.

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