What KALONZO told RAILA after he refused to stand up for UHURU at NTIMAMA’s Burial


The burial of former Cabinet Minister, William Ole Ntimama, was on Wednesday turned into a political market where President Uhuru Kenyatta engaged in a war of words with his political nemesis, Raila Odinga.

At one point, Uhuru told Raila
Kumeza mate si kula nyama. Sasa nyinyi endeleeni kumezea mate, sisi tutaendelea kula nyama.” 
(Salivating doesn’t mean you have eaten meat;continue swallowing saliva as we eat meat,”).
This public jab was so dramatic that Raila Odinga refused to stand as the President walked back to his seat.
Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka who was seated next to Raila Odinga tried to beg him to stand up but Raila remained defiant and vowed not to stand up of His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta.
“Kalonzo tried to beg him to show respect to President Uhuru Kenyatta but he refused to stand up,” a mourner who was seated next to Raila said.
 Was that disrespectful of the President by the former PM?
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