KDF Soldier Who Miraculously Survived The Al-Shabaab Attack Tells A Story Of How GOD SAVED Him

KDF Survivors arriving in Kenya:Photo Courtesy
KDF Survivors arriving in Kenya:Photo Courtesy

Things were really bad like I have never seen such kind of situation in my life,said Kirui from olchobosei in transmara.
At first I thought I was dreaming,only to wake up to reality of of everywhere burning.i couldn’t put on my trousers which I was using as my pillow since cross fires were over my head and I couldn’t standup even.

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I crawled out of the barracks trough a bombarded wall and my fellow soldiers were being dropped by bullets of alshabab everywhere every minute,and I got lucky I could say when one of my fellow soldiers unfortunately was shot and his body fell on me,I couldn’t move him but act as if I was dead too and lie beneath his lifeless body with his blood spilling all over me.and when one of the insurgents came revising life out of those who were still alive,he couldn’t correct a bullet on me which I guess it’s because I was full of blood spilled on.i latter heard them firing their guns up and celebrating.
After some time,I have been acting death by closing my eyes all the time since the incident occurred,one of them came and held my leg,i knew they had realized me!! I thought to kick him and run away but I realized the consequences of their majority would lead to my death by me being shot and so I decided to take my chances.

He was doing something to my left leg.what is he doing and I don’t have a shoe?i asked myself.I was sleeping when the ambush happened and I was only wearing my under wear that’s why my shoe wasn’t on me coz I usually sleep my boots and my trousers wearied off…CLICK NEXT BELOW TO CONTINUE READING..

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