“Kenya Will Burn…”,Religious Leaders Warn UHURU Against Signing Disputed Election Laws!Details

Religious leaders have called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to rise above partisan interests and reject the adoption of changes to electoral laws.

The National Council of Churches of Kenya and Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims said on Friday that this will prevent another round of political violence come 2017.

The leaders condemned the hurried manner in which amendments to election laws were crafted and passed by one side of the political divide.

The move by Jubilee raised political mistrust, they said, and added that the signing of the changes into law would be a recipe for violence.

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Nelson Makanda, who is NCCK deputy secretary general, noted that the laws resulted from negotiations by all political players.

“It was all-inclusive… All stakeholders were involved in its crafting, passage in Parliament and signing as the acceptable law. It is absurd that one side can bully through amendments. This beats the purpose of public participation and negotiations, undermining goodwill and confidence,” he said.

Makanda added that integrated electronic voter identification and results transmission, as had been agreed upon by the select committee, would ensure credible elections and avert disputes…CLICK NEXT BELOW TO CONTINUE READING…

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