Kenyans, you raised 8M for Gladys but now something is terribly Wrong! ? ?

By Ndungu Nyoro Via KenyaFeed

The past one week has been the most stressful in my recent times. You have just completed a very successful #IamWithGladys campaign that raises Kshs 8M only to discover something may have been terribly wrong.

Caught between meeting the needs of a critical medical case and safeguarding public interests in ensuring proper utilization of the raised funds, I had to think fast.

How now? Please be my guest, read entire script and add your voice.

The meeting

As it’s always the norm anytime we complete online fundraising for needy cases, I quickly organized for a meeting with Gladys and her family for a way foward. We had to deliberate on the treatment process which I considered most important,so more than the initial phase of funds appeal. I wanted a quorum to help us arrive at a solid conclusion.

The meeting was to be attended by Gladys, her Mum, her Brother, her Sister, her Uncle, her Sister-in-law called Patricia, Cllr John Kibue Kibs, a friend of mine called Chebet Kertich and Myself. Samson Buluma whom they fondly referred to as daktari joined us much later. I needed his input as well.

The queries

The family couldn’t hide their joy in the manner in which we carried out the process, the funds raised and the short duration of achieving our target. I took the compliments on behalf of my online family who sacrificed their all to give Gladys a chance for treatment…CLICK NEXT BELOW TO CONTINUE READING….

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