EX-KTN Anchor Esther ARUNGA Allegedly Sacrificed Her Child To Hellon’s CULT.But what her Sister Did Is INSANE!

Hellon and Esther Arunga Photo Courtesy
Hellon and Esther Arunga Photo Courtesy

It seems Joseph Hellon wants to finish the Arunga Family . In the recent past, the family has been struggling to stop Esther Arunga’s young sister to abandon her new found faith. The young Sister is now a member of Finger of God Ministry run by Joseph Hellon.

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This is the same Cult that made Esther Arunga abandon her Job at KTN . Esther is now living a miserable life and accused of killing her child with rumors doing the rounds that they offered the child as a sacrifice . The mother has said she is going to court to Sue Joseph Hellon for misleading her family. But the young girl has said that she loves the Church and she has a choice . Here are the photos of the young gorgeous lady who has now joined the cult.

Here are her pics courtesy of her Facebook profile;



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