The Truth:KU Lady Wasn’t KILLED Because Of Dumping Her Boyfriend Who Paid For Her University Fees!

Maxwell Ochieng (Left) and The Late Edinas Nyainda(Right)|PHOTO/Daily Nation
Maxwell Ochieng (Left) and The Late Edinas Nyainda(Right)|PHOTO/Daily Nation

It had been reported widely by the mainstream media that the ex-military officer,Maxwell Okoth,murdered his sweetheart since she chose to call-off their relationship immediately after graduating from Kenyatta University which Okoth had paid for.
30 year old Maxwell Okoth was apprehended after stabbing his 22-year-old girlfriend to death in their rented apartment at Kahawa Wendani on 25th,Monday morning.

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According to reports,Maxwell resorted to killing his girlfriend,Edinas Nyainda,when she chose to end their relationship after graduating from KU.
It’s further reported Maxwell was the person who had paid for Edinas’ University education.
However,Edinas’ dad,John Akello Nyainda,has refuted claims that Maxwell paid for his daughter’s university education.

Addressing eDaily Kenya,Mr.Akello said his daughter joined Kenyatta University under the regular program.

He revealed the only money that was paid for Edina’s education in campus was her tuition fees which he used to pay comfortably.

“When she was admitted in university under regular programme, I thought I was only going to pay tuition fee for the first semester. But I learnt I was supposed to pay university tuition fee for her study throughout the four years.” Mr. Nyaida told eDaily.

There you have it!Okoth was simply a psycho who could not take a break-up like a mature man


John Akello Nyainda
John Akello Nyainda|PHOTO/edaily
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