LADIES??Here Are TOP 10 LOCAL FOODS To Keep Your Woman00d Healthy & Clean

Garlic:Photo Courtesy

Infections, odors and irritations are things that all women have to deal with at one point in their lives.

What most do not know is that what you eat directly influences your v@g1nal health.

Food influences your v@g1na’s PH and how it smells and even how it tastes.

Here are ten locally available foods guaranteed to keep your v@g1na healthy and happy.

1. Garlic – It may not be your best lunch option especially when you have a hot date afterwards but garlic, eaten raw does have amazing antifungal and antimicrobial qualities. Allicin, the ingredient that is responsible for its strong smell is the same ingredient that contains healing qualities. It kills off yeast

For women already suffering from a yeast infection, garlic will also help ease the classic symptoms. The benefits, if you ask me, far outweigh the unpleasant smell.…CLICK BELOW TO CONTINUE READING

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