Did This Man Dressed In White Cause RAILA’s Podium To Collapse?Or Did He Warn Him Prior?Photo &ViD


A yet to be identified man dressed in a white shirt has been spotted by conspiracy theorists as being responsible for the humiliating occurrence where Cord pioneer Raila Odinga’s podium caved in as he addressed a rally in Malindi.

A raw video that has turned into a web sensation clearly the man,on the far right, asking the group in front to move far from the dais minute before it breakdown.

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However,other Kenyans with a different perspective claim that the man had spotted a weakness in the dais and was trying to warn the CORD leaders on the podium to pull out.

One claims to have seen the man “move something” just minutes to the fall.

A more credible analysis would indicate to the fact that the man had heard a squeaking sound and anticipated the untimely collapse. He was just implicated. Watch the clip especially on the movement of the guy on the extreme right and have your say in the comment section below;

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