Social Media Goes Berserk After Top Swahili Anchor,Mwanaisha Chidzuga Murders English(PHOTO)

Mwanaisha Chidzuga:photo Courtesy

The purported collapse of Chase Bank was a sensational topic on social media that sparked a deeply heated buzz,especially Twitter.
Kenyans online were quick at pointing accusing figures at the embattled bank as others mourned the casualties who couldn’t access their savings at the bank immediately the sad news broke.

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Top K24’s Swahili news anchor,Mwanaisha Chidzuga was not left behind and was among those Kenyans who took to Twitter to vent their sentiments on the whole Chase Bank receivership drama.

The sultry TV personality mistakenly blundered as she was ranting through her tweet and confused the word ‘This’ with ‘These’.The mistake did not go unnoticed as #KOT(Kenyans on Twitter) pounced on her with a series of trolls for murdering the queen’s language.

Below is the tweet Mwanaisha Chidzuga tweeted;


According to #KOT,it was quite baffling for an experienced journalist to make such a blunder.Were it someone else it would be okay, but a whole TV Anchor?It was Unforgivable!

Mwanaisha who has not yet responded to the severe criticism.

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