Meet DP RUTO’s Blood Brother Who Lives In Abject Poverty As RUTO Enjoys Power & Richness!

It is expected that if one is in a position of influence family members should be the first to benefits. The trickle down effect comes in form of well paying jobs, lucrative tenders and other goodies.

While this is the expected norm, some people believe their family members should sweat it out like everyone else. This is best exemplified by Deputy President William Ruto brother who wallows in poverty as his brother enjoys the trapping of power.

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Believe it or not, Deputy President William Ruto’s brother that lives under abject poverty despite his blood brother being filthy rich. His name is Paul Ruto. However this is common in Kenya where you find siblings of very rich and popular people living below the poverty line!

We hope DP Ruto does something about it.Look how hopeless he looks;

willy bro

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